Our mission is to assist organizations and leaders in reaching their full potential by creating clarity of mission, direction and through the provision of proper, timely information for evidence based decisions and measurement. We are improvers of your innovative ideas or existing processes.

We work to ensure you are critically clear in your ultimate goals and to ensure your actions align with your mission or purpose. We fundamentally believe in the necessity of understanding what defines your success and identifying the GAP between your goals and your initiatives to attain them.

McKim and Associates utilizes the FLO Method (Finding Links Operationally) to ensure you achieve your goals with consistent alignment of the plan, the engagement strategy, and communication. We help you to determine which measurements of progress are critical and develop key performance indicators to ensure you get things done!

We work with a wide base of organizations both private and government to provide specific expertise related to service and operational excellence, acquisition assessment, change management implementation , market development strategies, as well as leadership and management training.

Business Recovery Planning The ongoing unprecedented Covid situation is calling for a different approach for all organizations as market shutdowns have and are causing organizations to scramble for response. McKim and Associates has tremendous real life insight and expertise in volatile and challenging markets to guide you through these challenges.

Valuation and Succession Planning More businesses will change hands over the next few years than ever before as demographics bring owners to prepare for retirement by transitioning the company to family or designated successor or planning the actual outright sale. This takes forethought and preparation. McKim and Associates has extensive experience in business valuation, business positioning and transition.

Community Care and In Home Services Community Care is consistently challenged with increasing demands and diminishing resources. To address this means increasing your efficiencies without losing the critical care aspect. Operational excellence means serving more people in your community. Gathering the correct data to make evidence-based decisions, reviewing the market and client needs, developing working Key Performance Indicators and implementing national standards such as Accreditation Canada are all essential to successful organizations in this field. McKim and Associates has first hand experience with these issues and can provide solutions.

Performance Indicators Measuring progress is essential to good business. It can be complicated and potentially overwhelming. Too much of the wrong measurement can slow you down and create frustration and loss of trust with your team. Today organizations require information that is timely, relevant, accurate and not overwhelming. We can help.

Financial Projections Seeking investors or monies for expansion or acquisition? Planning for the future requires solid market assessment and growth projections. When this information is not readily accessible, the market is new or too small to have formal market stats, we specialize in gathering and creating operational financial assessments to ensure you have the information you need in language you understand to make informed decisions.

Staff Management and Training Good staff is hard to find and harder to retain. The cost of staff turnover can be as high as 30% of the positions salary. Improving effectiveness and reducing staff frustration requires excellent onboarding and training. Many new managers fail when they are thrown into the deep end to sink or swim without proper leadership basics. Our team specializes in focusing on the core needs and development programs to ensure your team can adjust to changing requirements.

About Us

McKim and Associates has significant combined real life experience across multiple industries and provinces, in senior public administration and the private sector.  This expertise extends across a variety of community care fields including long term care, home care and community care programs with emphasis on leadership, analysis and the creation of unique solutions.

Greg McKim

Greg McKim has led $30M+ businesses with over 900 employees across multiple industries in Eastern Canada and Ontario in addition to owning small businesses. He is a veteran transitional and change management expert through numerous acquisitions, rebrands and government contract development.

Having led a successful diversified high volume Community Based Health Services organization, his commitment to service process was acknowledged through the receipt of two exemplary service standards by Accreditation Canada. His national impact resulted in the creation of a national progressive growth and support model.

Industry and community commitment has been illustrated through serving as Co Chair for the Nova Scotia Health Association Home Care Network, Co Chair of the New Brunswick Home Care Association and as a representative for the Nova Scotia Community Care Council. As part of this contribution he participated in the establishment of provincial key performance indicators (KPIs) for Home Care service providers in Nova Scotia.

Paula Withrow

Paula Withrow RN, HSM is a consultant in the leadership and management of health care programs and has an extensive background in both the private and public sector.  During her 20 years in the Continuing Care Branch, Nova Scotia government Department of Health & Wellness (DHW) she was employed in several roles such as: Long Term Care Advisor, Single Entry Access Project Manager, Supervisor of Assessment, District Manager; Manager, Liaison & Service Support & prior to her retirement as Acting Director, Liaison & Service Support.  Her role(s) in Continuing Care Liaison & Service Support, provided the opportunity to inform and influence strategies, standards, and policies.

Paula has experience in project management, leading operational planning, implementation and over site of new and/or revised programs.  Paula is a subject matter expert in Continuing Care programs and services in the Nova Scotia Health Care System which include: Long Term Care, Home Care and Community Care Programs.  Paula has been a member on numerous taskforces and is recognized for her analytical skills and attention to detail. Since her retirement, Paula has been employed on occasion as a Continuing Care Consultant for the DHW on particular projects.

Ross Wace

Ross Wace has led the HR function in a series of national organizations with as many as 4,500 employees. He has owned and operated small businesses throughout his career. Across a myriad of industries, there is one common element – organizations whose frontline staff interact with the public. In public, private and government based industries, he has improved the alignment of an organization’s people to the business objectives. In both union and non-union environments, he has improved performance, productivity and morale.

While Vice President, Human Resources for We Care Home Health (now CBI) he led a complete overhaul of the scheduling and billing system. Re-training users led to dramatic improvement in the data entry error rate, which led to significant savings across the organization. He also led a transformation of the hiring process, providing support and tools to local hiring managers that resulted in reduced time to hire, consistency and improved retention. He also introduced an employee engagement customer service program “Together We Care”, which led to a 23% improvement in Customer Satisfaction results.


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