Together Nudging Change

Much continues to be debated regarding the state of Eastern Canada provincial governments and our industries approach to changing demographics as we lead the country in aging. There has become an increasing lament of seniors becoming a “burden” as demographics swell with a forecast tipping point in 2030 when our +65 population will become 50 percent larger than it is today. While positive work has been done regarding immigration it may not be enough to fulfil the immediate upcoming needs in the regions workforce. This brings us to a decision point. As with all change management, expecting dramatic change in one swing at the bat is both dangerous and short sighted. Anyone with change experience knows that gradual well thought out change, adjusting as you progress, tends to create permanent difference without as significant upheaval both for society and organizations. So, if we change our way of approaching the issue, not fearing the forecasted changes but welcoming them as an opportunity to keep our youth in the region with promising work and futures ,we can plan multiple approaches to fulfil our needs. If we look at retiring seniors as an asset to change rather than a burden we can use this experienced segment of our population to bridge the workforce needs while we change or educational and post secondary educational facilities to fulfil what is expected in the future. This should be added to any organizations recruitment plane .This allows “nudge management” as we transition, fulfilling many immediate needs while working on medium and long term solutions such as immigration and education reform. The approach will create a “win win” for bridging staffing needs with experienced persons, providing those already retired with monies and a continued sense of purpose while keeping our young people in the region with good full time employment. This challenge wasn’t created over night and we should not expect to solve it in that time span either. If we work together, rather than segmenting we can make this place better for all and be a shining example for the rest of Canada as they enter into their demographic change.

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