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McKim and Associates utilizes the FLO Method (Finding Links Operationally) to ensure you achieve your goals with consistent alignment of the plan, the engagement strategy, and communication. We help you to determine which measurements of progress are critical and develop key performance indicators to ensure you get things done!

We work with a wide range of organizations both private, not for profits and government to provide specific expertise related to service and operational excellence, acquisition assessment, change management implementation, market development strategies, as well as leadership and management training.

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M Valuation & Succession Planning

With more businesses changing hands as demographics bring owners to prepare for retirement by transitioning the company to family or designated successor or planning the actual outright sale. This takes forethought and preparation. 

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council expects some 25,000 small businesses in Atlantic Canada could change hands or be shuttered as owners reach retirement age. 7900 in New Brunswick alone. Source CBC News.

Industry experts advise a timeline of 6-10 months to sell a business on average, longer depending on the market conditions and other factors.

Because of this planning and market positioning are crucial.

McKim and Associates has extensive experience in business valuation, business positioning and transition.

M Business Recovery Planning

The continual changing and challenging market situations are calling for a different approach for all organizations as volatile regional, national and world events have caused organizations to enter situations previously unknown. McKim and Associates has tremendous insight and expertise in business development to uncover both opportunities and potential threats.

M Operational Efficiency & Performance Indicators

Measuring progress is essential to good business. Too much of the wrong measurement can slow you down and create frustration and loss of trust with your team. Today organizations require information that is timely, relevant, accurate and not overwhelming. We can help.

KPI Dashboards

Know what you need to measure and how to measure it


What technology is being utilized in the daily business?

What is being used in the industry?

Is there something effective from other industries?

M Financial Projections & Planning

Seeking investors or monies for expansion or acquisition? Planning for the future requires solid market assessment and growth projections. When this information is not readily accessible, the market is new or too small to have formal market stats, we specialize in gathering and creating operational financial assessments to ensure you have the information you need in language you understand to make informed decisions.

M Market Positioning

It’s not only about where you have been but where you want to go. Many organizations expend considerable energy without understanding what or how to measure success. Such questions like “When and how do you know you and your team have reached a key decision point where a different focus is required?” require awareness.

If you have no destination point and come to a fork in the road, any path will do. However it does not guarantee you will choose the successful one.

Positioning Strategy

Where is your business positioned in market? Leader? Follower? First in? Late comer?

Is there an ongoing process to evaluate your position?

Positioning Audit

The first step is understanding where you are.

The second is where you want to go.

The third is the pathway and success points you need to establish as you move forward.

Without these you will never know when you have reached your destination.

M Staff Training

Good staff is hard to find and harder to retain. The cost of staff turnover can be as high as 30% of the positions salary. Improving effectiveness and reducing staff frustration requires excellent onboarding and training. Many new managers struggle and may fail without proper leadership basics. Our team specializes in focusing on the core needs and development programs to ensure your team can adjust to changing requirements.


How do you identify the right candidates?

How are they being developed for the future?

The short, medium and long-term path for recruitment growth


Is there an opportunity for progression in the company?

Is it clear how I will be evaluated?

Is there a program to continue my personal development?


Is the compensation program effective to reach the objectives?

Does it reward producers? Newcomers?

Is it transparent and fair?

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