Our consultants have advised organizations in a wide variety of industries.

McKim and Associates has significant combined real life experience across multiple industries and provinces, in senior public administration and the private sector. This expertise extends across a variety of community care fields including long term care, home care and community care programs with emphasis on leadership, analysis and the creation of unique solutions. Core recommendations are accompanied by key performance indicators to allow measurement of progress.

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M Insurance

Established organizational market direction and key position hire.

M Bakery

Food Product development and market launch, product positioning and pricing. Initial product target volume attained within 4 month timeline.

M University

Phase One

Review of recruitment approach to determine the core strengths of the University to effectively position recruitment strategy.

Utilizing market research and engagement with key stakeholders, created clarity and understanding of the recruitment goals and developed the process and the decision tree of the targeted applicants.

Sales training was provided to the team to clarify market approach and measurement.

Phase Two

Created, implemented and evaluated a questionnaire designed to determine student’s preferences and opinions of the University to improve student retention.

M Textile Manufacturing

Phase One

Market assessment, customer assessment, sales focus, core indicator development, business projections as well as go to market strategy.

Phase Two

Development of financial assessment for both physical and personnel expansion. Created a remuneration strategy for team that aligned with the organizations long-term goals.

M Auto Reconditioning

Creation of market assessment and go to market strategy. Determination of market share potential for financial expansion.

M Self-Defense Organization

Development of financial break out and sales projections for use in attaining monies for expansion.

M Municipal Economic Development

In association with Economic Development Consultant, created market assessment, information evaluation, and survey by phone to provide recommendations for diversity of city’s economic development.

M Hospitality

Creation of financial and market projections. Market approach recommendations and the development of core indicators.

M Education

Partnering with an additional consultant, surveyed schools and strategic partners to evaluate District approach. Provided feedback with recommendations.


Created market assessment, establishment of core performance indicators, market approach, plus financial projections.

M Immigration Assistance Organization

Market evaluation and forecasts. Space efficiency and allocation review and recommendations. 

M Food Manufacturing

Market assessment, pricing strategy, product strategy, and financial strategy for expansion.

M Wine Industry

Business valuation, succession strategy. Creation and implementation of sales strategy resulting in significant sales and distribution gains. Evaluation and adjustment of operational efficiencies.

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