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The Great Resignation – Article from Posthaste August 5, 2022

One wonders if all the hype on the “Great Resignation” has not fueled the process. The following Financial Posthaste Article (based on American data) of August the 5th indicates four points of note: Organization leaders are spending a larger proportion of their time dealing with employee turnover. Some quick data from the article may suggest where that time is best spent. Many years ago it was projected that an increasing number of employees would become self directed (freelance) contractors. This … Read More

Where Have All the People Gone?

If you are like me you may be struggling with why job vacancies are so high. We were experiencing some staff challenges prior to Covid but we seem to lost a segment of the population as we come out of the pandemic. Where did the people go? The following is todays article in the Financial Post – Post Haste publication that provides an explanation. Data from Stats Can has for years pointed to the shift in demographics. Attention to trends … Read More

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