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We are pleased to offer some comments and thoughts from those we have served:

We retained McKim and Associates during an organizational reset, specifically for a critical hire for our team. We were pleased with the holistic approach employed, bringing us through a comprehensive exercise to determine our ultimate goals, success metrics, values and timelines. This ultimately revamped our hiring process and provided a strong foundation for a successful decision. We highly recommend utilizing the services of McKim and Associates.

Garry Evans
Evans Insurance

To best demonstrate capability and experience, I will comment on our shared time at We Care Home Health Services and the subsequent acquisition by CBI Health. Greg retired from CBI in the spring of 2018 and launched a management consulting company under the name McKim and Associates.

My experience during the last three years as Senior National Director for Innovation for CBI saw myself and my team interact with Greg in his role as Senior Director for Home Heath in Eastern Canada. During our time together spanning 8 years Greg led the business through being acquired twice, a re-brand change and through two acquisitions and multiple RFPs.

Experience in Organization Development – Greg led his team to acquiring a 20% + market share in the Greater Halifax market for home care, utilizing a no excuse, problem resolution approach and established the brand as such. This resulted in CBI being a major player within that specific marketplace of Halifax and in general for the province. He developed the presence of the CBI brand in the New Brunswick market allowing presentation and discussion at the Ministerial level.

Greg also oversaw the development of Community Home Services in New Brunswick overseeing the successful and scalable business expansion in a new service segment.

Market assessment and Development – Much of the identification for expansion in the home care industry had little or no documented information. Greg demonstrated in his role the ability to access data from diverse sources to provide target measurements for the various sectors he led and those he reviewed.

Acquisitions – In this capacity he identified opportunity for expansion both organically and through acquisition, He was able to provide the market viability assessment and gain financial and operational approach for three successful acquisitions.

Strategy Development and Planning – The overall success in Greg’s tenure at CBI/ We Care Heath is illustrated in the growth of revenue from $4M to $30M+ in ten years. In addition, he inherited an organization in deficit by 000’s of dollars in which he successfully turned into a profitable and scalable business in his first full year. This progress continued as his role expanded from New Brunswick leadership to Eastern Canada and acted as a road map for the brand nationally.

Rudy Mancini
Senior Vice President Partner Solutions, North America
Bloom Care

McKim & Associates has been involved with Empire Screen Print for a number of years. Initially, we employed them to help us develop our business by providing tools and guidance to ensure we had a better understanding of our customers and our business. We then engaged them to create a compensation package for a significant new hire that would impact our business dramatically.

We recently utilized his expertise to generate a focus with our team and a results-based program to bring in a successful year end. He has also provided ongoing advice as required. Greg McKim provides excellent service. In all three cases he has taken care to thoroughly evaluate the situation, engaged us in thought provoking discussions and ensured we had an action-based plan with measurements and timelines to go forward.

One notable difference we have found with McKim and Associates, is that even after the timeline engaged for, there was follow up to ensure we were accountable to the actions we had committed to. As a small and busy enterprise, we found this very helpful.

We would and have recommended McKim and Associates to other medium sized businesses. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Terry Russell
Empire Screen Print New Brunswick

In 2015 when I decided to go solely into t-shirt printing and wanted to go automated, I knew that I need not only equipment but more space. I decided to meet up with Greg McKim and tell him my dream. Started off with the new name of the business which was Imagine T-shirts Plus Inc. Then Greg told me we needed to find out what my target market was and what kind of possible volume I would need to invest in this equipment. So I just kept feeding Greg all the info that I knew and Greg started doing up my business plan. I then told him my bigger dream and it was to have my own building, so we started putting that in my business plan. Having used Greg’s consulting in my past business dealing with Empire Screen Print I knew that I was in good hands. Greg asked the hard questions and made sure that all the info that was going into my business plan not only accurate but also very detailed! When I proposed my business plan to my banker, I knew that It was top notch and that I had all the information that I needed! My banker was very impressed with my plan and Imagine T-shirts was moving forward with building a new shop and purchasing all new automated t-shirt screen printing equipment! Its almost 3 yrs. since I moved into my new shop and I have surpassed my projections in the plan that Greg and I proposed! I would highly recommend Greg McKim for any business consultation!

Terry Russell
Imagine T-shirts Plus Inc

I acquired the services McKim & Associates in October of 2018 to develop the launch of a new revenue stream for my business in the form of Personal Pies. McKim and Associates, though their main principal Greg McKim, led me through a well planned strategy including a market assessment for potential size, product research through sampling and customer questionnaires, pricing determination and product launch. He was able to provide key critical timelines and pace of launch keeping me on track in addition to my core business

To date the launch has become 13 percent of my weekly revenue at our market outlet, a 15-20 percent increase in sales. We continue to grow at an accelerated pace. Consistent follow up and tracking of our progress has aided me in making informed decisions for investment and next steps. As an example during the launch we determined an opportunity for small dessert pies taking advantage of improving the production capability. This has been very successful.

Provision of a breakeven point for acquisition of equipment for improved production allowed me to continually track payback timelines. Finally McKim & Associates has been instrumental in connecting me with potential local product supplier partners and with support organizations with market overview.

I am endorsing McKim & Associates as a company who can be of great benefit to new or existing companies in determining how products fit within their brand and how to bring ideas to operational execution.

Chris Wright
Wrights Bakery

Greg McKim is a personable and competent leader. Greg, the principal at McKim & Associates, worked on a significant project for my Division at a local university. His expertise and sensible approach were refreshing. While understanding the marketplace well, he took time to understand our context equally as well and then communicated a suite of strategies that made sense and were easily operational for our team. The result was significant and repeated success.

Since that time Greg and I have intentionally stayed connected. Greg is thoughtfully engaged in his community as he gives back through service and leadership. He is a sharp leader, learner, and communicator who has often provided great moments of clarity and insight. I would heartily endorse Greg as a person who will add value to your organization and to your team as individuals.

J. Sheldon MacLeod
Senior University Administrator
Executive Ministry Leader

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